Sage 100 vs Sage X3: A Meaningful Upgrade? (2021)

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Sage 100  & Sage X3 are both capable ERP solutions. If you currently use Sage 100 you might be thinking about upgrading to Sage X3. If you don’t use either, you may not be sure which platform is right for you.

Sage X3 is Sage’s self-proclaimed flagship, top-of-the-line ERP offering. It improves the process through a workflow-heavy backend which ultimately provides an interface that is much easier to use. Sage 100 is closer to working with spreadsheets rather than true dashboards and visual drag-and-drop components. While comparing Sage 100 vs Sage X3, there is no golden rule as to which is better if you operate a small business. There are distinct advantages to each ERP solution beyond differences in price.

There are concerns that Sage X3 will undergo a rebrand as other Sage products have in the past. Sage may have had some stigmas attached to how often the names of their products change, but they assure us the name is sticking this time. Today, Sage has become a cutting-edge ERP company with true cloud deployment options and improved customer service.

Sage 100 vs Sage X3 Key Differentiators

As you can see in the one-pager above, there are some sharp differentiators between Sage X3 and Sage 100. Sage X3 clearly has more out-of-the-box functionality (a quality that X3 has over SAP B1 as well). This is particularly true if you are operating across borders, have multiple companies, or have international employees. If you’re expanding rapidly and have a need to automate processes, Sage X3 could be a better fit over Sage 100.

Sage 100 vs Sage X3 Industry Verticals

Sage 100 has an advantage in a few different micro-vertical industries:

  • Rental Management
  • Retail PoS
  • HVAC Plumbing
  • Job shop

Sage X3 has a well-deserved reputation as one of the top ERP solutions for manufacturing. Both process and discrete manufacturers would benefit from choosing Sage X3 over sage 100. X3 offers the following and moreover 100:

  • Engineering change orders
  • Formula management
  • Quality assurance
  • RoHS Management (compliance related)

Sage 100 vs Sage X3– The Decision

Deployments and implementations of an ERP cost valuable resources. When considering using Sage 100 vs Sage X3, remember that Sage X3 is a flagship product. Follow the graphic below to get your comparison one-pager.

sage 100 vs sage x3 pager



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