Is it time to consider a migration to the cloud?

tCognition will minimize your risk and maximize the value of your ERP deployment. Are my growth and scalability plans not compatible with an on-prem deployment? Are my ongoing server support and infrastructure costs inefficient? Are my workforce collaboration efforts disparate and disjointed? Is my data available where and when I need it to be?

Consider hosting your ERP on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the help of tCognition if these are questions that have crossed your mind. tCognition will work with your business to provide the ideal customized solution for your unique needs. Working together, we will create a roadmap that will accelerate your growth towards a comprehensive digital transformation.

Benefits of an Amazon ERP System

Impregnable Security

Now recognized as more secure than an on-prem solution. With encryption, certification, and 24/7 physical security, you can be confident that your data is secure.

Extensive Feature Set

With 500 features added in 2014 alone, you can be confident that functionality will never be an obstacle. Your business is never static, why should your ERP environment be?

Gradual Transformation

With an ERP on AWS, there is no disruptive integration/deployment process. Take the time you need to ensure an efficient and seamless transition.

Efficient Scalability

Expand as much as you need, when you need to. Scaling resources up or down is fluid with AWS. Eliminate the guesswork involved in resource allocation with Auto-Scaling functionality.

Speed and Agility

Initial deployment will be faster, and products actually run faster for the end-user. NASA has reported up to a 400% increase in speed over their internal servers after adopting AWS.

Lower TCO

Lower the up-front cost of deployment. With reduced overhead for IT support and hardware, your ongoing costs will continue to shrink. For SAP, up to 71% savings can be reached on AWS-impacted elements.

tCognition Differentiators

effi & affor

Efficient and Affordable Deployment

Implementation and integration is a top concern for our potential customers. We have perfected our delivery model to bring you the best possible product, in the shortest timeframe, at the most affordable price


Dependable Infrastructure and Security

With non-stop physical security with full access logs and awareness sessions for our employees, your data is always under watchful eyes. Partnered with our infrastructure complete with redundant and scalable ISP backed by multiple sources, your full focus will be on the things that really matter


Stakeholder Alignment

We have 2 stakeholders: our clients and our employees. Decisions are driven by mutual concerns: we believe strongly in long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency


Our Engagement Model

Our emphasis is on building teams that click. We encourage employees to take ownership, so your project is always taken seriously and treated with respect

Cloud-Based ERP Systems on AWS


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