The First Video Resume Applicant Tracking System (VrATS)

XSeed offers a brand-new user-friendly interface with advanced and dynamic components. One-click resume parsing process for faster candidate importing. Graphical rating to access candidate at a glance

Xseed The First Video Resume Applicant Tracking System

tCognition’s Technology Stack

Our website and mobile app developers have large-scale proficiency in all the latest tools,
frameworks and technologies, and offer feature- and function-rich solutions.

Fast and optimized xseed

Fast and optimized

XSeed is built using the most advanced technologies to make it work faster. Optimized features and technical methods add more rapid information serving.

Well Organized xseed

Well Organized

User interfaces are well structured that programs any user’s mind to use this platform. It makes users have a clear idea and know what to find where.

Easy to Use xseed

Easy to Use

Advanced design makes it easy to use for even novice users. The clean and neat user interface gives users a luxurious and pleasant experience.


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XSeed Corporate Services

We provide industry-specific recruitment solutions.

Centralize Communications xseed

Centralize Communications

Use XSeed to centralize everything so your team is always on the same page about the “whos,” “whats,” and “whens.”

Dashboards xseed


Keep an eye on the stats and trends associated with users with our dashboards to help to keep everyone on track.

Status Tracking/Pipeline xseed

Status Tracking/Pipeline

From identification to submission, interviews to placements, XSeed applicant tracking software simplifies the process of recruitment every step of the way.

Advanced Job Search xseed

Advanced Job Search

Allows job seekers to search for job listings with detailed criteria. Job seekers can search by the job type/term, company name, industry, function/category, keyword, and even by location easily.

Resume Builder and Parser

Resume Builder and Parser

Increase the real productivity of a recruiter. Populate the resume database from different sources and add it to the database automatically.

Admin, Employer, Jobseeker xseed

Admin, Employer, Jobseeker

Provides user-friendly, featured Admin/Employer/Jobseeker panel which allows managing users, resume profiles, etc.

Job Posting xseed

Job Posting

Employers can post their job requirements, apply filter options that enable employers to receive the resume from candidates matching their posted criteria.

Video Resume Uploading xseed

Video Resume Uploading

This feature is intended to enhance the standard resume. Jobseeker van uploads their video resume along with a standard resume.

Email Parsing xseed

Email Parsing

A mail parser is a technology that allows you to integrate your campaign with these and other services so that when a transaction is made with that service, a subscriber can be added to your campaign.

App Screenshots

Notifications keep you informed of all updates. Customize them to receive as many, or as few, as you want.

outer screen xseed screenshot
Client Profile xseed screenshot
Dashboard Xseed Screenshot
Requirement Report - xseed screenshot
openings xseed screenshot


XSeed is now updated with many dynamic modules like candidate ratings, interview scheduling, graphical reports, and much more to be a fit for advanced hiring needs.

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XSeed is growing across the globe and soon landing its feet on the land of Japan & Singapore

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