tCognition has put a purpose-built Security and Identity Governance system in place to seamlessly manage identities across all channels, on-premises, in the cloud, and on mobile applications. With non-stop physical security, full access logs, and awareness sessions for our employees, your data is always under watchful protection. Coupled with our redundant and scalable ISP infrastructure backed by multiple sources, you will be able to more fully devote your efforts to other important facets of importance to your organization with peace of mind.

Our Identity Governance concept allows tCognition to define policies that regulate and control the exchange of identity information between application systems both internally and externally. This allows us to secure and gate-keep authorized information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, and any other information that might otherwise be related to an individual’s identity or personal information.

tCognition’s specific Identity Governance (IG) proficiencies cover user administration, privileged identity management, identity intelligence, and role-based identity administration and analytics. Our Security and IG approach revolve around the policy-based centralized orchestration of our employees’ and end-user’s identity management and access control, which helps support our enterprise IT security and regulatory compliance. We pride ourselves on the business-friendly, role-based identity administration automation that we’re able to securely offer for both on-premise and cloud applications.

Security and Identity Governance scaled
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