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Certified Sage X3 Services

Our ERP teams manage the entire implementation lifecycle.
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Why Sage X3?

Sage X3 is perfect for growing, results-driven organizations. X3 allows you to automate financial processes and increase productivity. The platform allows many users to operate in sync and in real-time.


Sage X3 supports a wide variety of industries. Manufacturing, services, and distribution companies will see immediate out-of-the-box benefits. X3 can also be customized and integrated to scale as you grow


As a certified X3 implementation partner, trust tCognition to deliver results on your investment. We can host X3 in an on-premise, hybrid, or fully cloud environment and help you start generating real ROI

Sage X3 is Sage Group’s flagship ERP platform. As their enterprise solution, it is capable of managing your companies entire financial ecosystem. Sage X3 is a workflow-first solution; incorporating visual, editable business processes into every included module.
Sage X3 can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise and is able to be integrated with tons of popular EDI, OMS, and CRM components. X3 is capable of managing ERP on a global scale. Currency exchanges and global tax compliances are updated daily.


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