Sage Erp Implementation Cost | Sage ERP X3, 100 and 300 (2021)

Sage Erp Implementation Cost | Sage ERP X3, 100 and 300 (2021)

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If you are thinking about a Sage ERP implementation, here are the typical Sage ERP implementation cost from Sage ERP X3, Sage 100 ERP, and Sage 300 ERP partners.

1. Only Certified Sage ERP Partners are Allowed to Sell Licenses and Perform Implementations:

All Sage ERP products require you to pair up with a certified partner. Your partner will sell you the actual licenses or subscription (for Sage Cloud), perform implementations, and assist with any support inquiries that you might have. They are free to charge any amount they’d like for the Sage implementation, so it is to your advantage to know what the typical implementation costs per hour and the average amount of hours are overall.

1. Total Sage ERP Implementation Costs – On-shore vs. Off-shore:

Typical Sage ERP Implementation Costs Per Hour:

Usually, Sage 100 is the most affordable of the three platforms to implement. The Sage x3 cost is generally the highest because it usually encompasses more parts of your business as an all-in-one platform and requires separate, more advanced partner certifications. At tCognition, we have a hybrid model of on-shore project managers managing off-shore development teams. Here is a chart of Erp Implementation Cost

SageERP ImplementationCost


Typical Amount of Hours Per Sage Implementation:*

It’s important to note that this section can vary drastically based on integrations, customizations, and user count. We do, however, suggest you set reasonable expectations of how many hours a proper implementation actually takes. Typically, offshore implementations take about 50% more hours than onshore, although those hours tend to be drastically cheaper.



*Projects vary tremendously, for a certified Sage ERP quote, email tCognition at

3. Traveling Can Cost Money

Even if you are considering a Sage implementation on-premise, it is possible for the partner to do almost 100% of the work remotely. Still, it can be a safer bet to go with the cloud version of each Sage product to keep travel costs down. Alternatively, you can choose to work with a local consultant that will also keep travel costs down. Be aware, though, many times the right Sage Partner for you may not be the closest one to your office.

4. Hidden Costs – Sage Support

Sage has three types of care support to choose from Bronze (18% of license costs per year), Silver (21% of license cost per year), and Gold (25% of license costs per year). All three support packages include version upgrades, service pack updates, and unlimited access to the online Sage Knowledgebase.

The main difference between plans is the number of calls to support that you can make. the Gold Plan comes with unlimited calls, silver with five calls, and bronze with no support. The silver and gold plans also include Realtime Learning Courses.


For more information on Sage X3 implementations, head to our Sage X3 page or send us a query at!

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