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From tCognition you can hire full-time, hourly, or fixed-cost developers on your projects and manage them as your larger team of developers.

We are 50% less expensive and 2x more committed than our competition. We try harder everyday to learn, adapt and take ownership of the results. In short, we won’t give excuses and get the job done.

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Get a Fixed Price Quote

Get a Fixed Price Quote

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We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your
project confidentiality.

Hire a Dedicated Developer

Hire a Dedicated Developer

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8 Hrs/Day – 160 Hrs Per Month. Monthly Rolling
Contract. 25% Savings over Fixed Price Projects.

Industry Experience

Our team is specialized in a wide array of industry verticals

ISVs & Product Companies Skill

ISVs & Product Companies

Digital & Marketing Agencies Skill

Digital & Marketing Agencies

Banking & Finance Skill

Banking & Finance

Retail & E-Commerce Skill

Retail & E-Commerce

Healthcare Skill


Education and E-Learning Skill

Education and E-Learning

Logistics & Transportation Skill

Logistics & Transportation

Media & Entertainment Skill

Media & Entertainment

Automotive Skill


Travel & Tourism Skill

Travel & Tourism

Technology Skill


Publishing & Advertising Skill

Publishing & Advertising


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