tCognition’s mobile app developers leverage cutting-edge mobile technology to build user-oriented, easy to use and customer-driven mobile apps.


Complete Transparency


We’ll keep you informed on our progress at every level of your mobile app development.

Excellent Mobile App Design

We are one of the leading mobile app development company, and we build mobile applications that are more than striking. All our mobile app development and designs are eccentric and provide your customers’ smooth navigation.




Our team of expert mobile developers always progressive and executes design steps on the basis of future strategies.

24/7 Support and maintenance

We’re always with our customers on every step of supporting and maintenance. Whenever you need help, we’ll be there for you!


iPhone App Development

We develop highly reliable and receptive iPhone mobile apps with a seamless user experience!


Innovative Design

We develop attractive, effective and creative iPhone application designs that offer your users smoother navigation.

Customized App Development Company

We are a leading iOS app development company and our team of iPhone developers offers fully customized iOS app development services that meets your business and app requirements.


On-time Delivery

We understand that your time is valuable and precious. We work hard to complete the project on time while maintaining quality!

Years of Experience

Being top iOS app development company tCognition firms a team of designers and developers with hands-on and professional experience in iPhone app development services.

Requirement Analysis & Project Management

The requirement analysis is the first and basic step in a development environment. In the first step, our team of iOS developers and designers discuss the requirements of your project. After analyzing your idea, they will come up with a solution.

Line 2

Create Wireframe and Designs

As a leading company in the development of iOS applications, tCognition believes that innovation and creativity are paramount. We carefully develop a sketch of the app and structure each screen. After completing the wireframing process, we design the app.

Line 3

Launch the app!

This is the last step. It’s time to deploy and complete the app! Once all testing is complete and the final product is approved, we will deploy the app to your server and to the App Store.

Line 4

Develop and Test Applications

Once the design is approved, we’ll create the necessary code, develop designs for each section, complete the design for each page, and send those components to you for your feedback. Once verified and approved, the team will perform the necessary tests to ensure the app is bug-free and receive your final approval.

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Android App Development


Dynamic, Full-fledged Apps

Our team of professional Android developers has both the skills and the experience to deliver top-notch, feature-oriented Android app development solutions.

Appealing Feel & Design

We build Android applications with appealing designs that let users switch comfortably between pages.


Budget-friendly Solutions

tCognition has a team of experts that provides you with cost-effective mobile app development solutions, along with high-quality performance.

Tailor-made Applications

We develop fully-customized Android applications with a user-friendly interface, attractive, cost-effective and the required functionality.


Idea Generation and Planning

Our mobile application development team will get acquainted with the idea of your project and its goals. After refining the plan and preparing a detailed outline, we create a layout for each page that will run smoothly. We then develop the application based on the wireframe of the Android development services.

Line 2

Design and development

The second step is to design the application. In this phase, we will add graphics, icons, attractive design and features to create a visually appealing app. At this point, we will also develop the app by adding the required features and server side items in our Android development services.

Line 3

Implement the application

This is the last step! We will launch the app on the Play Store. Your customers can now download the app and you can generate a profitable return on your investment.

Line 4

Testing and quality control

At this point, our testing team will examine the app for errors and make any necessary revisions to make sure the app is working properly. The application will be completed with the final touches and all issues will be resolved.

Hybrid App Development

With our dynamic Hybrid app development services, you can now eliminate all your cross-platform app development headaches!


Committed Developers

tCognition houses a team of committed hybrid app developers that focuses on delivering top-quality solutions to meet your business requirements.

Cross-platform Compatibility

We offer feature-rich and compatible Hybrid App Development solutions that can function smoothly on different mobile app platforms.

On-time Delivery

Our team of expert Hybrid application developers performs tirelessly to ensure that your project is delivered within the stated time frame.

Custom App Development

Our Hybrid app developers offer a one-size-fits-all solution that allows you to put up a single app using one codebase to run on several platforms.

Xamarin Native App Development

We develop cross-platform mobile applications that are coupled with a seamless user interface and native API to offer top-notch performance.

One-time Coding

We write code for mobile apps using the best Xamarin programming languages and libraries.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Our Xamarin app development services allow you to build mobile apps with a faster API and deploy them across multiple platforms.

Native UI

tCognition works power-packed, cross-platform mobile app development solutions that help you create a native UI and share it easily on C# codebase with platform-specific.

Technical Know-how

Our professional’s team of experts has a complete understanding of Xamarin apps development, as well as Java, Objective-C, and C#.



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