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SAP Business One Services - Financial Management and ERP

tCognition provides US-based, onshore, or offshore development services for SAP Business One (B1) throughout the Middle East / North African region in addition to the Indian subcontinent.
Since 2003, tCognition has been performing SAP services at the highest possible level of partnership. Our portfolio of clients and implementations extends to large-scale, multi-billion dollar organizations throughout the globe servicing hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide.

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SAP Business One Consulting Services – UAE / Dubai

tCognition has a full consultancy located in Dubai for SAP B1 implementations. We have industry-specific experience within the UAE and are able to provide a full range of application development and mobile application services.

SAP Business One Consulting Services – India

tCognition has a full stack of consultants in India to handle any scale consulting project. We have over 150 native engineers on staff, with the ability to hire and staff any number of support agents/engineers necessary. Manoj Shinde, tCognition’s CEO & President, started his career in India and travels there frequently from the United States.

tCognition has three locations in India – Kolhapur, Mumbai and Pune.

The Five Phases of a tCognition SAP B1 Implementation

There are five phases to our software implementation projects, and these phases can and probably will overlap. Typical projects are based on a 10-to-12 week implementation.

Project Preparation 

tCognition will provide a high-level consultant and project management specialist to assist with managing the Project Plan and to coordinate with your nominated internal resource. During the project kickoff meeting, we’ll engage everyone who will be involved with the project to approve and commit to the timeline.

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Business Analysis 

Deliver a document that will assist in mapping how the software will work with your business processes, first gather user and process requirements. Consider asking users how they prefer to work and keep those preferences in mind when you’re documenting business process requirements. You’ll work with tCognition to create a document that includes business scenarios, business processes, and process steps. Review the blueprint with your project team to ensure that it is accurate and comprehensive.

Project Realization 

During this phase, we set up the system to prepare for rollout. Using a central document, our team will configure your systems and customize your software to make sure that it meets your needs. Also at this time, we’ll want to plan for go-live and support, determine when the new software will go live, and how it will be supported as employees learn to use it.

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Final Preparation 

During final preparations, conduct software training for your employees. They can attend in-person training sessions or, if it makes more sense for your company, they can take advantage of e-learning, which is self-paced online training. Your technical team or tCognition will test the system for readiness, and then you are ready to move from your existing software to SAP Business One.

Go-Live and Support 

During go-live and support, your solution is up and running. You can gauge how well it’s working by interviewing employees, taking a look at productivity, and assessing how much more efficient your business is. At this time, make sure that you document and address any outstanding issues.



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