tCognition  is one of  a leading eCommerce development company that  provides eCommerce equipped website development services to our clients. We provide the best technical consultation and development plans for their diverse requirements and according to their business.

Expert Ecommerce Development Company

tCognition is a leading eCommerce development company and with proven expertise in eCommerce web development, web design and consultancy. We have industry-specific experience in providing multiple eCommerce platforms to create eCommerce development. When we are creating the eCommerce websites,  always focused on, driving innovation, and delivering results.

Customized E-commerce Development

A successful B2B and B2C eCommerce marketplace is set up by us for our clients. These set up we made according to needs of the clients and their brands. We have developed eCommerce websites and app according with customized functionalities and designs.

  • Complete Customizable Design
  • Responsive designs
  • Multiple Product Images
  • Category management
Consultancy in eCommerce Development

We have expert eCommerce development team that provide you with eCommerce websites, technology, and structure. They help our clients to give best option that will save time as well as expenses on the eCommerce websites. We have best team that provides guidance and consultation of every aspect of eCommerce website.

  • Technical Consultation
  • Market Research
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture Planning
Discounts & Loyalty Program

For eCommerce websites to design Festive Sale or discounts or reward points program and Coupons. Our team is experienced in developing such kind of facilities for eCommerce websites. Also, they have handled challenges to provide discount promotion programs based on purchase history or statistics.

  • Implementation
  • Development
  • Testing

Benefits of Ecommerce Website Development

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Easy shopping

It is convenient for customers to shop on-line. This grows eCommerce company with providing needs of customers. It is one place for sellers and customers.

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Shopping Experience

eCommerce websites create a bound between consumers and brands, because eCommerce websites are built according to needs of customers. Because of promotions, personalize content, customer experience, these all tend customer to check out

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Retailing Confidently

The customer will engage with a brand and will have high expectations, if high efficiency, protection and smooth interactions are provided. Good eCommerce web development and good design will make that impression.

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Operations intelligently

Keys of Success of an eCommerce web site is its efficiency, automation and data access in real time. With a powerful and data driven operations gives upper hand eCommerce web development and eCommerce website design.

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Responsive Design

These days people have options of multiple screen size and resolution options with variety of devices. eCommerce website will be compatible on those devices with responsive design and then can convert it to look trendy and beautiful.

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online and offline

To increase customer retention, possibly make both online and offline presences. We definitely can help you to bridge the gap between two networks.

Magento Development

Magento is eCommerce development platform that have capability to customers complete satisfactory experiences of shopping. We have expert and experienced team for this platform to help our clients for eCommerce solutions.


Complete Magento Solutions:

We are one of leading IT company in Magento because we provide our clients tailoring solutions, driving innovation and best results. That makes us special in eCommerce development.

ecom magento
UI/UX Design
Our expert design team have excellent ability to analyze and implement strategy to create customer centered experience. According to brand of client and its market position, our developers and designers have provided multiple success stories and satisfied clients.
  • Designing Strategy
  • Implementing Plan
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and Support
We enhance our eCommerce experience to our clients with our practices like proper requirement analysis and different technical or design ideas. Our developers and designers utilize maximum potential of Magento and optimized and streamlined solutions.
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture Planning
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Technical Consulting
  • Testing

Advantages Magento ECommerce Development

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Scalable & Flexible

Magento e-commerce stores are characterized by fast loading times and high performance for an optimal user experience.

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Faster load times

Magento framework is built with query performance speed and enhanced indexer makes it faster than other similar platforms

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Custom integrations

Magento integrates with major extensions and tools to help you conduct your business easily.

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Currency and language support

Magento supports multiple languages so that you can meet the needs of a global audience. You can even place orders in multiple currencies as Magento supports most international currencies.

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Mobile and SEO-friendly

You can also develop your Magento eCommerce store to run on a mobile platform. Magento platform based apps can be made responsive to work on different devices.

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Hosting Options

There are many web hosting platforms that support Magento ecommerce. You can choose the hosting plan that suits your needs.

Mobile Commerce Development

Today most of mobile devices are affordable for everybody across the continents. We help you to take your Business a step ahead with Mobile Commerce.


Mobile Commerce Development Company:

In building proficient mobile commerce application development, our team has proved their expertise by driving the results and increasing the revenue of our clients.


Mobile Commerce Development Company

In building proficient mobile commerce application development, our team has proved their expertise by driving the results and increasing the revenue of our clients.

We have developed solutions those are flexible, high performance and enterprise oriented with mobile commerce those are tailored the business specific needs. Our focus is always on creating total solutions from our expert team.

Our expert team analyses requirements of clients’ business and recommends best solutions and practices to them that helps to enhance mobile commerce experience. Our developers and designers utilize maximum potential to provide optimized and streamlined solutions.

Our experienced design team takes rigorous analysis and then implement customer centric experience. According to brand and business of client our team always gives impressive outcomes.

Benefits of Mobile Commerce

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Deliver a wonderful mobile experience

Our customers with a mobile app that makes it easier for them to purchase and relate to brand.

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Convert more customers

Mobile apps convert 3 times faster than your website. Don't miss an opportunity to increase your sales.

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Promote stronger relationships with consumers.

Get the chance to position yourself in the minds of customers.

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Combine your brand with a completely personalized look.

With our huge selection of brands and layouts, you'll find the perfect match for your brand.

Group And Categorize

Group and categorize all your products.

We allow you to easily create custom product categories or import existing categories.

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Hosting Options

There is a multitude of web hosting platforms that support Magento e-commerce. You can select the hosting plan that suits your needs.

CRM for eCommerce

We give solutions to our clients with our CRM based solutions.

Customized CRM Services

Expert team at tCognition have helped B2C and B2B companies to make mark in customer acquisition, conversion, and retention, and enjoy a tangible increase in revenues generated. Our consulting services have helped to improve in poor lead conversions, scattered customer data, and low sales rates.

Marketing Automation

Our CRM services help you in marketing of business team to conduct efficient campaigns and create leads on to the sales department. Many of our clients have raised the profit with our CRM marketing automation services.

CRM for Commerce

tCognition provides find solutions and help different organizations to manage their sales, marketing campaigns and customer services. This helps to reinforces relationship of an organization and their customers and nurture leads for business.

ecom crm

woocommerce Services


We at tCognition worked on woocommerce platform, which is popular on WordPress based ecommerce solution. It is plug-in based tool for WordPress and very useful for eCommerce solutions.

Themes with Plug-in

tCognition has provided multiple clients on WordPress platform for eCommerce related solutions. We have designed the theme according to the requirements as well as business concept of client.

Flexible and affordable

We have WordPress development team, that is expert to provide the flexible and affordable eCommerce solutions to our customers.

Security & SEO

Our WordPress team is assisted with our SEO team, to provide SEO solutions and Security team to provide best security for the clients on their eCommerce app and portals.

nopCommerce Development

On the Microsoft technologies nopCommerce is best tool for eCommerce related solutions. As we are expert in Asp.Net and Asp.Net MVC, we are providing the best solutions related with eCommerce through nopCommerce to them.

Multivendor facilities

We have provided solutions like products from multiple independent vendors appear in the
common product catalog and we provided website visitors can shop at one web store even if the products are supplied by hundreds of different suppliers around the world.


Mobile Responsive Designs

For different clients we have designed and developed responsive designs so that users with the different sized screens are conveniently shopping on our designed websites.

ecom user interface
ecom cost

Cost Effective and Flexible

Compared to other platforms, we are also expert to provide cost effective solution to customer with nopCommerce. Also, our team have given the design, production, installation of a custom webshop within significant time and saved lot of time for our clients.


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