Dynamics AX and Sage X3 are both ERP solutions that are inclined towards the manufacturing industry. They are both similarly sized companies. Both also have roughly similar feature sets. This makes it necessary to compare Sage X3 vs Dynamics ERP solutions through an objective lens in order to understand which solution is right for a business.

Any selection process must start with mapping your business process flows and understanding which modules and functionality are critical. A comprehensive overview of your needs is necessary to inform your decision-making process.

Sage X3 vs Dynamics AX — Platform Differences

Differences in platform, integrations, and deployments are sometimes more critical than individual features. Depending on your business environment, there may not be much of a choice.

Sage X3 Operations Systems

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Unix

Microsoft Dynamics AX Operating Systems

  • Windows

As a Microsoft product, Dynamics AX will integrate nicely with existing Microsoft products in your software environment. As many of these are commonly used solutions, (Outlook, Excel, etc.) a seamless integration can be a boon.

Industry Verticals

Sage X3 supports several verticals right out of the box, including discrete and process manufacturing (read our manufacturing ERP article). There are a number of pre-configured implementation templates to accommodate specific requirements. It also satisfies the compliance requirements of organizations like the FDA, USDA, and MSDS.

Sage X3 Preferred Verticals

  • Manufacturing (Process/Discrete/Mixed-Mode)
  • Distribution/Warehousing
  • Multinational/Parent Companies
  • Configure to order (food processing, pharmaceutical, etc.)

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers similar capabilities. Through their active Independent Software Vendor (ISV) network, there are a number of third-party add-ons and modules that can enhance vertical functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Preferred Verticals

  • Retail (with POS)
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

Production and Warehouse Management

Sage X3 and Dynamics AX are simply two of the best ERP solutions for the manufacturing industry.

X3 has fantastic engineers to order and configure to order processes, quality control options, and complete backward/forward’s traceability capabilities. With Sage’s exceptional BPM systems, X3 is at the top of the pyramid for this industry (particularly discrete manufacturing).

Dynamics AX is an agile and efficient system that gives full control of position, processes, and resources. It provides a Gantt chart presentation of all Production Schedule Orders. AX can also predefine the tests that must be performed on the material, define the quality guidelines that relate to purchase, and of course record the test results in quality order.

Full White Paper: Sage X3 vs Dynamics AXsage x3 vs dynamics ax 286x300 1

  • Quality Assurance Modules
  • Deployment Environments
  • Pricing Models
  • Database Architecture
  • Licensing Differences
  • Dashboard Comparison


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