Why is SEO Important in a Digital Marketing Strategy? [2021]

Why is SEO Important in a Digital Marketing Strategy? [2021]

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In this blog post, you will quickly learn why is SEO important in a digital marketing strategy?. Nowadays, many people look for products/services on the internet just because of the internet boom. They go over the internet to get information. They go over Google or any search engine and type their query. That query is usually referred to as a “Keyword.” Now Search engine gives search results for that specific query. As per Chitika Statistics No. 1 position gets 32.5% of traffic. No.2 and No.3 gets 17.6% & 11.4% respectively.

Just imagine, what if a particular business website ranks among the top 3 positions at SERP. For example, the specific keyword has a monthly volume of around 55k, then that business site will get the maximum share of the traffic.

The beauty of this traffic is, “It’s Free.” People choose some top results, and they usually click on the top results. Thereby businesses who have their online presence for their products and services usually strive to get top position in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

Now here is the Role of SEO that comes into the picture. 

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO means optimizing web pages for specific keywords. So that when anyone searches for the same/similar keyword query, your site shows up on the top of SERP. 

Let’s consider you want to learn the German language. What you will do, you will go to google, and you will type a query like “How to learn the German language” and hit enter. Google will give you the best possible, relevant results to your search query.

Those sites optimized to solve user’s queries like “How to learn the German language” will immediately show up at the top positions. (Ads are above organic results, here we are only talking about organic search results for the specific query.) 

If we relate the same example with SEO benefits, then, let’s consider having an online coaching center to teach the German language. If your site is properly optimized for the keyword queries that users type at the Google search box, your site will show up at the top spot.

Users will come to your site and start interacting with the content available on the site, and if they like content, they are likely to buy your services. That’s how business owners who sell physical/digital products online can get benefitted from SEO.

Google search explaining why SEO is important in digital marketing strategy



Benefits of SEO in Digital Marketing

Let’s discuss some top benefits of SEO. We will cover some top benefits of SEO in digital marketing. 


1) SEO Usually Targets High-Quality Traffic on The Website 

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy where users seek information to solve their problems, and at that time, your content will become a helpful guide for them. In the Inbound Marketing strategy, we attract the user by creating search engine optimized content.

It’s not like outbound marketing, where users get interrupted by annoying ads repeatedly. SEO is an inbound marketing technic where you usually create a piece of helpful content to address user’s queries, and You will get quality traffic from the SEO. Thereby, Conversion is likely high in this inbound marketing. That’s why SEO is important in a digital marketing strategy.

2) Higher Ranking At The SERP

The main goal of SEO is getting higher ranks in the search engine. Usually, if your site has ranked at the top positions, you will likely receive the maximum share of the traffic. It means you have pushed your competitors back, and you’ll receive those valuable clicks from the users.

It is like running a race, and you are ahead of your competitors. You are most likely to win the race. If you are optimizing your site for the search engine, you will be rewarded with a higher ranking, and thus, more people will come to your site. 


3) Intent Fulfilling SEO-Content Encourage User To Stay on Page 

 In the old days of SEO practices, content creators used to optimize search engines by stuffing the keywords unnecessarily; however, nowadays, search engine algorithms have become more intelligent. Using keywords properly throughout the content is important, but fulfilling the user’s intent to visit that specific page is very important.

If your SEO-Content is not helping the user solve his query, the user will immediately bounce back and visit other sites. And it gives a bad signal to the respective search engine. As a result, you will lose ranking at the SERP. If you are providing high-quality content, users will likely stay on your site. It improves your site’s authority. The site’s ranking will improve if the users are coming to your site and staying on the page for a longer duration. 


4) Creating SEO-Content Reduces Ultimate Marketing Costs

If you ask, “why is SEO important in a digital marketing strategy?” then here is one more reason. SEO will reduce your marketing costs. Let’s consider you have a product/service, and you want to market that product/service. You need to highlight yourself in a reputed newspaper. You need to put up signboards. Likewise, you even go for TV ads also. This will increase your marketing cost.

What if you want to create SEO Strategy to market your products and services among online users. Do you know? Search engine drives about 65% of online purchases to eCommerce sites. What if you invest your marketing budget in SEO. You will likely drive the traffic to your site where you’re all products/services are listed.

That’s how you get Conversion right from your site itself. You will considerably reduce your marketing cost if you go for digital marketing, especially towards creating an SEO strategy. SEO gives free (organic) high-quality traffic. That’s why SEO is important in a digital marketing strategy.



In a nutshell, we can say that implementing an SEO strategy on your website gives you several benefits, a few of which have been mentioned above. Search Engine Optimization will give you an edge over your competitors. If the users are searching for a specific query and your site shows up at the top, you can imagine how many shares of traffic you will receive ultimately. Now you must have received an answer for this question, i.e., Why is SEO important in a digital marketing strategy?

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