Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics? (2021)

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If you want to know where your budget has been spent, you should see some statistics/metrics at Google Analytics. In this article, we’ll see, Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics? Measuring and tracking are the most important factors in digital space. 

First of all, we will start with what Google Analytics is and why it is important. After that, we will read about Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a platform by Google, initially launched on 14 November 2005. It tracks and records data from a website where analytics code is added. Google Analytics collects information from the website and presents it in a simpler manner. User activities over the site can be tracked with Google Analytics. Google Analytics, if analyzed well, it can give you valuable data regarding your website traffic. Google Analytics can provide you traffic reports of your site and many more such as users, new users, sessions, no. Of sessions per user, page views, pages per session, average session duration, and bounce rate.

Google Analytics showing data like users, new users, sessions etc

Importance of Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics can give you traffic insights such as channels through which site is getting traffic. That includes direct, organic search, referral traffic, social, others.
  • You can track users’ behavior on your site by analyzing bounce rate, time on site, etc., factors. For Example: If a site’s bounce rate is high, it is a signal to improve the site’s content quality. 
  • One of the most important key factors which google analytics stands out is “Conversion Tracking.” Google Analytics can track from where people are coming to your site, what activity they are doing, and how many are actually converting. Conversion can be tracked by setting goals (Users need to complete a certain action on your site) at analytics.
  •  Customer Engagement can be analyzed through metrics available in google analytics. As shown in the above screenshot, if you see pages per session,avg session duration, and bounce rate, you will analyze customer engagement for your site easily. 

What are Goals in Google Analytics?

 Here is how you can access the Goals section in Google analytics: 

STEP 1: Once you open google analytics home then click the “ADMIN” option bottom left corner.

Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics? step 1

STEP 2: Once you click “ADMIN” option then the next page will open and you see that “GOALS” option at the 3rd column. Click the “GOALS”.

What are Goals in Google Analytics? step 2

There is a journey in which website visitors convert into a customer. You should first specify which actions your site visitors need to take. Actions that include signing for the newsletter, filling the sign-up form, clicking the request quote page, clicking the contact us page, etc. These actions can be performed with the help of setting up “Goals.” Now we can talk about, “ Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics?


Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics?

Four goals are available in google analytics. 

  1. Destination 
  2. Duration
  3. Pages Per Sessions
  4. Event.

Goals Are Available in Google Analytics

Goals Are Available in Google Analytics

Goals Are Available in Google Analytics

1. Destination 

As its name suggests, in this goal user loads a particular location. For example, User navigating to the thanks page once he signs up. He leads to a specific destination. Such as Thanks.html page.  


2. Duration 

Users come to your site and spend a certain amount of time on your site, then to track or record this activity, a “Duration” goal can be created. For example, if “Duration” has been set to 5 min, then if any user spent 5 min on-site, then this “Goal” records this, makes a count & shows it in the report.    


3. Pages Per Sessions

Suppose website visitors view specific no. pages, this “Pages Per Sessions” goal can be created. For example, This goal is set to 6 or greater than 6 pages. If the User visits greater than 6 pages, then this goal will count this conversion.  


4. Event   

If you want to track a users’ actions on your site, then this Goal can come in handy. It is like, Goal set to the specific action, such as a user playing a video on your site, sharing the site’s content on social media. 


    Smart Goals

Destination, Duration, pages per session, Event goals are available in google analytics. Apart from the 4 types of goals, another alternative conversion tracking method is available called Smart Goals. These Smart Goals that are available in google analytics, are specifically made for the google ads advertiser. There are some specific numbers of conversions must be available to use google ads optimization tools like auto bidding. If you enable Smart Goals, then analytics automatically start recording conversions, and that analytics assigns value to “Best Visits.” Smart Goals in analytics use machine learning to identify “Best Sessions,” then after giving a particular value then it’s recorded as “Conversion.”



In this article, you have learnt “Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics? “and in a nutshell, we can say that there are 4 goals available in google analytics: Destination, Duration, pages per session, Event Goals. There is one alternative to these 4 types of goals called Smart Goals, with the help of which you can track conversion. 

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