[2021] What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing?

[2021] What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing?

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Allowing customers to quickly reorder products that they have already purchased is not a benefit of google analytics remarketing. This is a direct answer for the “What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing?. In this article, we quickly take a look over the basic concept of google analytics remarketing and some of the key benefits of google analytics remarketing.

What is Meant By Google Analytics Remarketing?

Some people have already engaged with your site, which is already integrated with google analytics so that it must have gathered much data about the user’s behavior. The possibility of converting those users who have already visited your site or already visited your site’s product pages will increase. If you are using google analytics data to retarget the users who have already engaged with your site, it is called google analytics remarketing.

It is necessary to connect a google analytics account with a google ads account for google analytics remarketing. 

How to Link Google Analytics with Google Ads?

Step 1: Open a google ads account and select the “Tools and Setting” option. 

What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing showing google ads dashboard 1

Step 2: Select “Linked Accounts”

What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing showing google ads dashboard 2Step 3: you will see various google products or some third party products. Select “Details” in Google Analytics (UA) option. You will see a popup and with few easy clicks you will be able to link google ads with google analytics.

Google ads dashboard 3You can cross verify google ads and google analytics linking by checking at google analytics. Here is how :

Open google analytics and click the “admin” option mentioned at bottom left corner. You will see the “Google ads linking option”.  

Google Analytics Dashboard 1 A


Google Analytics Dashboard 2 A

What Are The Benefits of Google Analytics Remarketing?

We need to understand the benefits of remarketing in order to understand What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing?Imagine a customer visits your website to buy a product. He adds products to the shopping cart and he will not be able to finish the final checkout process to complete the purchase for any random reason.

As per Statista’s worldwide shopping cart abandonment rate report, 88.05% of people abandon the shopping cart. They don’t convert. Now those customers who have abandoned the shopping cart for whatever reason, are the potential customers and likely get converted in the remarketing campaign. If you re-targets the same customers, the conversion rate will be high. In a remarketing campaign, you can re-engage with the customers who have shown interest in your products and services.

For example, John saw the ads for sports shoes and visit the website. He was highly interested to buy shoes to play in the upcoming football match. He selects shoes and added them to the shopping cart. And abruptly he failed to find his credit card and then he closes the website thinking to buy next time. Now we can say, John is a potential customer.

What if you show him again the same shoes which he had selected but failed to make a final purchase. What do you think? John will buy or not? Absolutely, John will buy it because he is a hungry customer and has a football match soon so that his buying intent is very strong.

This is just one example of converting a potential customer. There are many people who do the same thing, they left shopping carts for any reason then you have a very filtered audience to retarget them. 

Google will show the ads over its partnered websites where your customers are likely to visit for gaining knowledge or entertaining purposes. If they see similar products that they interacted with a few days before then their desire to buy that product will increase. That desire compels them to buy products.


Why Should You Consider Google Analytics Remarketing?

  • In remarketing campaigns, the conversion rates will increase over time.
  • The Click-through rate might decrease but conversion will increase.
  • Those people who have seen your ads few times and that time they wouldn’t be able to make a purchase decision, they convert immediately. 
  • The reason behind remarketing campaign works best is if customers have already interacted with your products and didn’t buy them because they might be going through many things in their life. And they think that they will get a product once they get some free time. 
  • Now here is the main point, once they get a free time even if they forgot your brand once they visit any website and suddenly see the product which they had the desire to buy. Then they quickly buy it.
  • Google display network offers one of the best reaches, GDN reaches 90 % of the internet users. (Source: Google Ads ). GDN is very powerful for running remarketing ads. 
  • Remarketing is very powerful to build a brand: Google remarketing ads can be shown to users who have already engaged with your brand. If you show them the ad again, it helps to recall your brand. It helps build trust. Once you get the trust, you likely convert the user to customer. 

It’s important to create custom audiences To run google remarketing ads

Where to Create Custom Audiences in Google Analytics For Remarketing?

Step 1: Click the bottom left corner of the homepage of your google analytics account.

Google analytics dashboard



 Step 2: you will see three columns. See 2nd one and click the “Audience Definition” as shown below. 

Google analytics dashboard 2

google-analytics-dashboard 3

Then you will see the “New Audience” option. And with the help of that, you can create new audiences such as all users who visited your site at a specific time span.

google-analytics-dashboard-goals shows What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing


The straightforward answer for, “What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing?” is to allow the user to reorder the product which has been already purchased by him. Google Remarketing is one of the best to increase conversion rate and brand building. If you remarket to the audience which has shown interest in your products and services, the chances of purchasing your products or services will increase.

Make sure that you have connected google analytics with google ads. So that important data regarding customer behavior will synchronize between these two platforms. You will be getting useful data at google analytics to analyze and take necessary action. Google Analytics can be very useful if used correctly. 

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