What Data is Google Analytics Goals Unable to Track?

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We found the correct answer for the question: what data is google analytics goals unable to track? In this small article, you will get its answer. First of all, let’s quickly get your answer. Google Analytics Goals unable to track “Customer’s Lifetime Value. 


How well your site is doing, can be measured in the google analytics by seeing a goal completion report at google analytics. For example, if you set a goal as a “Subscribing Newsletter” as a goal, then anyone subscribing to your newsletter ( you can call it “Website Interaction”) you will get to know. Destination, Duration, Pages/Visit, & Events are types of available goals in the google analytics. 

There are many website or application activities you can track by using this goals feature of google analytics. Web/app activities such as signing up, making a purchase, completing a specific game level, visiting specific sales pages, visiting the contact us page, visiting the “Get Quote” page, etc. Every single activity/ interaction can be tracked by setting up google analytics goals. However, these were the activities/interactions; thereby, we can track them, but “Customer Lifetime Value” is not any interaction. Customer lifetime value is a complete metric; it’s not just a single number because of its complete lifetime performance of the customer. No software can track how worth an individual is worth for a particular business. So that correct answer for the question: what data is google analytics goals unable to track? Is Customer’s Lifetime Value


Customer’s Lifetime Value, i.e., lifetime performance of the customer, is a complete metric, not any interaction with a website/app. That is why it couldn’t be tracked by google analytics goals. 


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