Vehicle Telematics and Diagnostics Overview (2021)

Vehicle Telematics and Diagnostics Overview (2021)

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Vehicle Telematics: Introduction

Vehicle Telematics is the long-distance transmission of data using wireless technology. Remote automotive telematic diagnostics monitor vehicle-related information with the exchange of real-time data from a remote location. These diagnostics platforms provide alerts on potential vehicle problems, determine the root cause of vehicle failures, and provide guidelines regarding corrective actions. Telematics in cars is a burgeoning field that has an enormous ceiling for growth.

Benefits of Vehicle Telematics

Telematics in cars can provide preventive maintenance tips, roadside assistance, and remote fleet management while reducing running costs.

Telematic and informatics diagnostics ultimately allow for improved vehicle reliability by utilizing diagnostic reports to illustrate the problems/statuses of a vehicle at any given point in time.

This involves high-level integration of hardware and software technologies to extract fault codes and other information stored in the electronic control unit (which is often what vehicle telematics solutions are interfacing with). In this example, the software applications evaluate the codes and return a well-defined description of the problem.

Below are common features remote automotive vehicle telematics solutions have:

1. Automatic Crash Notification and Assistance:

Vehicle telematics automatically notifies the correct authority/call center, helping to provide location coordinates in the event of an emergency that takes away your ability to use or access a phone.

2. SOS Emergency Assistance:

Summons aid for an emergency involving your car and occupants that is non-crash-related.

3. Monthly Vehicle Health Report:

Informs you of the status of your vehicle’s crucial components, fluid levels, and electronic functions.

4. Essential Notifications/Alerts:

Provides automated diagnostic trouble codes, remote access, and vehicle location alerts.

5. Turn-by-turn Directions:

This allows customers to obtain information regarding traffic information for pre-defined routes; turn-by-turn navigation uses signals from GPS satellites to fix the car’s location, gas station locations, and weather information.

If you’re interested in the general field of telematics in cars, head to our vehicle telematics page and let us know how we can help!

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