Outsourcing vs Insourcing IT: Pros and Cons (2021)

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Outsourcing IT is one of the most en vogue techniques companies use to stay on budget. Versus insourcing, outsourcing IT provides cost-effective labor that could be impossible to bench onshore.

Recently there has been a big push to evaluate the pros and cons of insourcing (bringing labor back home) due to a strong economy and a large pool of tech talent that is a byproduct of the millennial generation.


Outsourcing is a great model allows for a larger value proposition and higher return on investment. Although the return is higher, communication is usually much more difficult compared to insourcing.

Outsourcing Pros:

  • Cost-effective / lower wages and rates
  • Allows ability to stay open 24 / 7 more efficiently
  • Easily available talent pool with ability to scale to any size
  • Workday can be extended to increase productivity and can reduce time to market

Outsourcing Cons:

  • Potential for miscommunication via language barriers
  • Higher management costs
  • Different time zones can be troubling for direct management

Versus outsourcing, insourcing is a great model in that it gives you the ability to work closely with a geographically close team who work in your time zone and who can communicate smoothly and easily with you.

Insourcing Pros:

  • Ability to work closely with team members
  • Lower cost of management (%)
  • Easy and smooth communication
  • Ability to physically travel and do business (especially useful when discussing hardware and server maintenance in the IT industry)

Insourcing Cons:

  • Expensive compared to offshoring
  • Often difficult to find the right type of talent at a moment’s notice
  • Lower levels of certifications

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