Microsoft Dynamics AX vs SAP B1 ERP Comparison (2021)

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Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP B1 are two of the top ten ERP platforms on the market. Verses one another, you would think AX and B1 have a lot in common, and they do. You might wonder which one works better for you and why; in this Microsoft Dynamics AX vs SAP B1 (Business one) ERP comparison, you’ll find the answer to your doubts as we aim to give an honest comparison between the two financial platforms. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX vs SAP B1:


Between SAP B1 and Dynamics AX, you’ll find that most of the base modules are almost the same. This includes financials, quality control, and warehouse management. Both platforms have compatible add-on products for almost every aspect of the program, but they can also be handled with out-of-the-box tools.

Microsoft Dynamics AX vs SAP B1 – Add-ons and Integrations:

AX and B1 also share similar integrations and add-on products for AX and B1. Both are often integrated into other platforms (such as share point) using Scribe.

Many of Dynamics AX’s functions are performed better by add-ons. Although SAP B1 may have better out-of-the-box modules than AX, most of these add-ons will outperform SAP B1 standing alone.

Popular Dynamics AX Add-ons:

  • Instant AX for Manufacturing
  • Food AXcelerator (for food manufacturing)
  • project (Project Management)
  • AX for Pharma
  • Manufacturing Essentials
  • AXIO Core (AR / AP, GL, fixed-asset management)

Popular SAP B1 Add-ons:

  • PSOne (Manufacturing)

Both Dynamics and B1 are ready for the enterprise and can accommodate hundreds of users. For the maximum number of users, for deployments of over 300 users (which is very rare), we would actually recommend Dynamics.

Reporting Comparison:

While SAP B1 comes with Crystal Reports with available dashboards and for extra customization with advanced functionalities it is needed to have the HANA license; Dynamics AX comes with an in-build Business Intelligence Reporting tool, while Crystal Reports can still be used with AX it can turn very complex.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to dive deeper. Feel free to download our full PDF comparison guide comparing Microsoft Dynamics AX vs SAP (or check out our guide on SAP B1 vs Dynamics NAV).

In this PDF comparison guide, you’ll find…

  • Biggest differentiators (chart)
  • Licensing models
  • Industry verticals
  • Maximum recommended users



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