CRM banking ecommerceCRM platforms are known to drastically increase business productivity. Over the years, many industry-specific CRM platforms have been launched such as CRM for Law Firms, banking, and eCommerce. Even though many industry-specific platforms have been launched, they are never as popular as horizontal systems. Here we break down the best CRM for banking, law firms, and eCommerce.

Banking / Financial Services:

Banks typically have a huge number of customers and also a very high number of users, so using a standalone (client-side server) model like Oracle Siebel CRM is very efficient.

Why Siebel? For banking, the software helps to provide complete data and services the customer is interested in. Siebel also takes notes of all the transactions a customer executes. The AI understands which places the customer is spending and can help marketers with insights into best-fit products or services.

If the customer is processing a home loan, credit card, or auto insurance premium payment, the bank can pitch similar products based on info stored in Siebel to incline the customer to make future purchases.

CRM For Law Firms:

A law firm has limited clients and a lower number of users. In this case, a CRM like Dynamics Cloud CRM would be more beneficial to use.

CRM platforms for law firms are used to maintain cases and act as a database of their clients. Here a social integration can help make an initiative in customer outreach. Dynamics CRM also has a great iPhone and Android app to help you stay productive from the courtroom. 

CRM for Ecommerce :

This area has a huge customer base and also a large number of call center agents. Hence using Oracle Siebel CRM would be more efficient.

Siebel CRM can process data very efficiently based on eCommerce sales. It can understand customer’s purchase habits and pitch them more similar profitable products which help boost sales giving higher profits.

Siebel also provides volume matrix functionality, which helps understand the best discount that will be given to customers who are buying in bulk.




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