No Signs of Slowing as Work from Home Continues in India

New York, New York — In one of Maharashtra’s largest and most rapidly growing cities of Kolhapur, tCognition’s tech recruiters are busy at work. The US-based IT and software development staffing firm is seeing no signs of the demand for Indian labor slowing down, both domestically and internationally. tCognition is reporting a nearly 400% increase in hires, the largest since their staffing practice began in 2003.

Before 2020, Fortune 500 and multinational companies would primarily rely on H1-B and L1 visas to hire onsite workers from India. Since the Trump administration started blocking H1-B visas; and with the pandemic not allowing as many workers to enter the United States and other financial centers like Dubai and Singapore – companies like tCognition have now seen a shift in their willingness to hire workers abroad while they are working from home to find new talent.

“We expected the slowdown of H1-B and L1 visas to affect our staffing business negatively,” said Manoj Shinde, President of tCognition, “but it has become very clear we can’t underestimate the staying power of the work from the home economy.”

Without as many lifestyle constraints and without having to go through the complicated process of gaining visas for workers and their family members across the globe, multinational companies have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of new hires.

“Some of our largest clients are reporting a substantial uptick in productivity among hires since the outsourcing of software development abroad, particularly during this work from the home period.” said Shinde, “We are also reporting a much-improved quality of life in recruiting talent for many of those who prefer to live in India as opposed to living abroad.”

tCognition hires primarily in the software development and user experience space, with a strong background in data security, big data, and business intelligence. Uniquely positioned before the pandemic to work in the cloud, tCognition now has 100% of their staff working remotely across the globe, with over 90% of their staff being trilingual (able to speak three languages or more).

“As before, we are hiring talent from all over — Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad just to name a few,” said Shinde. “We knew it was possible to achieve a great work and life balance abroad, and if there is any silver lining from the pandemic, it is that we have proved work from home can be a huge success.”

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