How This CEO is Helping H-1B Visa Holders Amid Mass Layoffs

Boston, Massachusetts — No grace, period. Amid mass layoffs at companies like Twitter, Meta, Amazon, HP & Cisco – H1B Visa Holders will have 60 days to find a new job.

One CEO, Manoj Shinde of IT-focused staffing firm tCognition, is stepping in and offering to prioritize placements for anyone recently laid off on an H-1B visa to find a new job. The company has launched a new portal, JobsforH1B, specifically to help candidates find new opportunities during the crunch. On the Jobs for H-1B site, candidates can explore current openings roles and get connected to tCognition’s client base.

Truth be told, Shinde, a former H-1B holder himself, has made more than his fare of trips back and forth to his native country of India. A relative unknown outside the world of talent solutions, tCognition has helped thousands of candidates from all over the globe land roles for companies of all sizes.

“tCognition has long been a dark horse in the staffing world,” said Shinde. “I empathize deeply with those affected by the mass layoffs. I wanted to use our relationships with employers to help what I call “dark horse” candidates; H1B holders who have been laid off — land quality roles during that 60-day period.”

In addition to staffing, Shinde is passionate about craft distilling and has plans to open a distillery in Boston following the pandemic. Shinde jokes, “In the meantime, I’d be happy to buy you a drink once we land a role for you.”

For more information on tCognition or if you are an H-1B holder actively seeking new opportunities, visit or apply directly at