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Roper Electrical Corporation


The objective of the Roper Electrical Corp website redesign project is to enhance the company’s online presence by creating a modern, user-friendly, and professional website. The goal is to accurately represent the company’s services, values, and expertise, while optimizing the design for mobile devices to cater to a wider audience.


The solution for Roper Electrical Corp’s website involves using CMS WordPress to design and develop a modern and professional layout. The website will be optimized for mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience across different platforms. The chosen color scheme and branding elements will reflect the company’s image and identity, enhancing brand recognition. To improve content organization, navigation menus will be restructured, new pages may be created, and existing pages will be updated for clarity. Clear calls to action will be strategically placed throughout the website to encourage user engagement and lead generation. Additionally, the website will be feature-rich, with optimized performance, a contact form for easy communication, social media integration for wider reach, and a blog or news section to keep visitors informed and engaged.