Quality Assurance – Agero (OneRoad)

Project Detail

Client Profile

Agero takes a holistic approach to the safety and security of passenger and vehicle. Over 100 leading corporations trust Agero to strengthen their business and provide automotive related services.

The Challenge

Agero’s OneRoad application needed to be test with automated systems which would increase effectiveness of regression testing, and reduce the overhead costs of repeated and necessary testing in the future.

Environment and Software

  • C#.Net
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft CAB Framework
  • SilkTest 10.0 Automation Tool


Agero Logo

Discovering Agero

Agero, Inc has provided the safest and smartest solutions in the automotive industry for the last 40 years. Through their advanced mobile technologies, customized solutions and actionable insights through data they have been able to secure over 75 million drivers on the road. Over 75% of all new vehicles in the United States are affected by Agero’s solutions. Their Roadside Assistance network has solved a countless amount of customer cases and provided assurance to drivers in need.

What Agero Needed

Agero’s OneRoad application is a contact center used by a customer service representative while providing road side assistance to the customer. This is the only application used for various types of clients including Automotive/OEM and Insurance clients in North America.

Agero needed to increase the effectiveness and coverage of their regression testing. They also needed to be able to perform these tests at many intervals in the future, so they required a system that could be used repeatedly that did not incur a high cost to them.

The Challenge

We decided to use the SilkTest Automation tool with Agero. They had developed data driven automation scripts that covered all roadside assistance call reasons. We were mainly involved in executing regression scripts against all incoming actions, documenting the results and generating the reports. We also took part in editing automation scripts if there were any errors or changes to be made. We faced several challenges in this process, including:

  • Validation is a complicated process because a test can lie to you. Just because a test run passed, doesn’t mean anything unless it can be maintained properly.
  • Creating a multitude of new test cases and updating the relevant scripts.
  • The high volume and variety of data that needed to be tested.
  • Integrations with different legacy systems and applications, it may not be the standalone application.

Our Automated Testing Guidelines

Through our long and diverse history of Quality Assurance work, we have our own set of strategy guidelines to maximize our efforts and minimize cost:

Assess Tests for Automation Ability: Reviewing existing test requirements, cases, and expected results. Then making recommendations on areas to focus your automated testing efforts.

Identify the Automated Test Approach: Based on objectives and assessment of tests, we recommend a GUI based, message based, combined, or data analytic approach best suited to the needs of the project.

Identify Test Automation Personnel and Training Requirements: An automated test program is only as good as the people implementing it. Based on our experience, we helped identify personnel requirements and training needs.

Results of our Work

Our testing work for Agero’s OneRoad application resulted in a bevy of benefits:

  • Covered the maximum amount of business processes under Regression Testing’s roof
  • Reduced the manual effort during testing execution
  • Regression testing will be repeated many times during different app builds, making the automation work critical
  • Reduced cost significantly relative to manual testing
  • Accuracy and productivity increased, including delivery confidence and risk minimization
  • Reduce number of people needed for future testing

As a result of all of our work, the application is currently being used by Agero’s customers and improving their driving experience and confidence.