Mobile App Development – Aztec Pacific Technologies

Project Detail

Client Profile

Aztec Pacific Technologies is a company based in Pune which focuses on software publishing, consultancy and supply.

The Challenge

Delivering a quality cross-platform mobile app that performed seamlessly regardless of variable.

Visual Representation

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Aztec log

Discovering Agero

Aztec Pacific Tech reached out to us in order to create a “Points of Interest” (PoI) system for a POI Picker App. This included a GPS coordinate and accompany description (as well as developing a searchable system that was easily digestible to end-users). The goal was for any place to be searched and saved as a POI and then saved with other users. One of the stated objectives of this project was to make an app version that worked in tandem with the web version in order to make a world-wide and seamless integration between all users of the service, regardless of platform.

What this would mean for the end-user is seamless integration between their tablet or smartphone and their car’s navigation system.

Testing Specifications Provided

The client, Aztec Pacific Technologies, provided us with a series of testing specifications in order to guide our work:

  • Writing detailed test cases for every module
  • Functional Testing for the Android app
  • Compatibility Testing for different Android versions
  • API Testing for accessing different services
  • Performance testing with an automation tool

Major Challenges We Faced

The major challenge that we faced during this project was delivering quality cross-platform mobile apps that perform at every turn. This means that in addition to standard testing on a single dominant platform—for example Windows—the app needed to be tested on a multitude of mediums. This of course includes other operating systems including Android and iOS, different versions of those platforms in order to reach a maximal user base and simply different pieces of technology (tablets, smartphones, etc.)

Our Solution Strategy

The goal of our testing efforts is not solely to find errors. Instead, our goal in mobile testing is to understand and optimize the quality of an offering. Does it work? Does it function as expected? Will it meet the needs of users? How easily can the user access the app? How is the app’s performance on different devices and operating systems? These questions guided our solution process for this project.


Different OS Versions: As the advent of mobile technology is supplanting the desktop, there is a rapid growth in the launch and expansion of newer OS in the market. The PoI app was developed on Android and tested in various versions of the OS including Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, etc. It was also tested in different versions and at all possible screen resolutions to ensure maximum accessibility.
Plug and Play Approach: The new system was designed in such a way that if any new customer signs a deal with Agero, the implementation of the business logic and customization can be accomodated easily.
Reduction in Development Cycle Timeline: With the new system in place, the development cycle has been reduced
Fully Automated System: Helps reduction in human error, and provides best of its kind customer experience and satisfaction
Maximum Accountability: With the use of cutting age ETL technology, it is now possible to track the records processed with 100% accuracy