Data Management – Agero (SSIS)

Project Detail

Client Profile

Agero takes a holistic approach to the safety and security of passenger and vehicle. Over 100 leading corporations trust Agero to strengthen their business and provide automotive related services.

The Challenge

To provide the best service to its customers including OEM and Insurance companies, Agero needed the data of registered customers in its systems as quickly and as error-free as possible.

Environment and Software

  • Microsoft BI Development Studio 2005
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Oplais Scheduler
Agero Logo

Discovering Agero

Agero, Inc has provided the safest and smartest solutions in the automotive industry for the last 40 years. Through their advanced mobile technologies, customized solutions and actionable insights through data they have been able to secure over 75 million drivers on the road. Over 75% of all new vehicles in the United States are affected by Agero’s solutions. Their Roadside Assistance network has solved a countless amount of customer cases and provided assurance to drivers in need.

What Agero Needed

With the massive customer base that Agero has, they have a truly incredible amount of data. For all of that data, they need reliable infrastructure and a pipeline for that data to move into their different systems and databases. This needs to happen day-by-day.

This posed a challenge, as the process began at the OEM or Insurance customers’ end, sent over to Agero, processed and then made available to the Call Center agents to provide seamless connectivity and services. The solution needed to be scalable, robust and with a high performance in terms of data output.

The Solution

The necessity to develop a unified system that could handle not just different types of data, but also an enormous volume. That implies a higher level of latency and slowing of processing time. The conclusion was to implement an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool. The tool chosen was Microsoft BI’s SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services).

The result of these efforts was a state of the art Loads Renovation. This was an ambitious companywide project, developed to provide a plug and play architecture to implement any new customer’s data process with a fully customized business logic set. Agero also adopted Opalis, a scheduling software.

The Results

Introducing SSIS to process the bulk data from the consumers has resulted in numerous benefits for Agero, including:

Reduced Latency Time: This is the time between the time of registration for Roadside Assistance and the availabilty of the actual service
Plug and Play Approach: The new system was designed in such a way that if any new customer signs a deal with Agero, the implementation of the business logic and customization can be accomodated easily.
Reduction in Development Cycle Timeline: With the new system in place, the development cycle has been reduced
Fully Automated System: Helps reduction in human error, and provides best of its kind customer experience and satisfaction
Maximum Accountability: With the use of cutting age ETL technology, it is now possible to track the records processed with 100% accuracy