Course Overview

This course provides comprehensive training to automate any type of application with the testing tool Tosca. You will get trained to set up Tosca, creating modules, writing test cases, and library creation along with test case execution and API testing. By completing this training, you will be an expert in Automation testing with Tosca.  You can perform automation testing, API testing, and database testing without any programming knowledge.

Course Features

  • Live Instructor-Led online training.
  • Batch size up to 1 to 5.
  • Receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.
  • Access to the trainer any time for any questions and follow-ups.
  • Minimum 20 practical assignments.
  • Assignments evaluation, feedbacks, and encouragements to develop in a better way.
  • Focus on hands-on training by students during sessions.

Test Automation with Tosca

Course Duration

20 hours of training

Course Contents

  • Introduction to manual and automation testing
  • Installation of Tosca
  • Tosca architecture and features
  • Overview of Tosca environment
  • Requirements, requirement-sets and requirement weight
  • Test sheets, Attributes, instances and Combinations
  • Designing testcases for Automation
  • TestcaseParameter configuration
  • Re-executable testcases
  • Business parameters in test blocks
  • Creating manual test cases
  • Creating automation test cases
  • Refactoring test cases
  • Execution list
  • Standard Modules and User Defined Modules
  • Module identification by Anchor and image properties
  • Study of web elements
  • Merge modules and Control groups
  • Introduction to action modes
  • Buffer action modes & Select action modes
  • Verify action modes & Input action modes
  • Wait on action modes
  • Introduction to API testing
  • GET operation
  • SET operation
  • Introduction to database testing
  • Modules for database testing
  • Database validation

Course Prerequisites

  • Students should have a basic understanding of Computer peripherals like mouse, keyboard, monitor, screen, etc., and their basic operations.
  • ​A PC with a minimum Windows 7 Operating system with MS Office and an Internet connection.
  • Students who have basic computer skills. The candidate should have a basic understanding of software testing and/or SDLC.

Course Outcome

  • Plan, build, and execute test automation with Tosca
  • You will be able to automate all type of apps with Tosca
  • Learn the Automation testing without programming knowledge.
  • Learn API testing overview with Tosca
  • Learn Database testing overview with Tosca
  • Learn best practices in Tosca

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