Course Overview

This course provides a quick start to Java programming language. It covers most of the topics required for a basic understanding of Java programming using Object-Oriented programming concepts with suitable examples. By completing this training, the candidate gets core Java programming knowledge.

Course Features

  • Live Instructor-Led online training.
  • Batch size up to 1 to 5.
  • Receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.
  • Access to the trainer any time for any questions and follow-ups.
  • Minimum 10 practical assignments.
  • Assignments evaluation, feedbacks, and encouragements to develop in a better way.
  • Focus on hands-on training by students during sessions.

Java Programming for Selenium

Course Duration

20 hours of training

Course Contents

  • Overview of Java
  • Java data types, variables and constants
  • Java Character and its functions
  • Java control statements & loops
  • Strings and its functions
  • Working with arrays
  • Working with collections
  • Introduction to Object oriented concepts
  • Java Constructors & destructors
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Interfaces
  • Reading & writing console IO
  • Reading & writing files

Course Prerequisites

  • Students should have a basic understanding of Computer peripherals like mouse,
    keyboard, monitor, screen, etc., and their basic operations.
  •  A PC with a minimum Windows 7 Operating system with MS Office and an Internet
  • Students who have basic computer skills. The candidate should have a basic understanding of software testing and/or SDLC. Some programming knowledge in any language will be
    advantages for a candidate

Course Outcome

  • Understand the basic principles of creating Java applications.
  • Learn to write, compile and execute Java programs using object-oriented concepts.
  • Learn to read-write data to and from files.
  • Learn to work with different collections in Java.
  • Understand the basic approaches to the design test cases and test suites

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