Human Resource Department | Recruiting in Human Resources (2021)

Human Resource Department | Recruiting in Human Resources (2021)

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Human Resource Department: Entry by a Stroke of Luck

As the title explains, becoming a Human Resources recruiter happened to me by a stroke of luck. An unperceived trait of what I thought never existed in me. The trait that I’m referring to is this passion and ability to identify and aid people in helping them achieve their career goals, specifically by starting them off with the right job.

It is the faculty’s job to take on the myriad responsibilities and complexities that impact the success and growth of any organization. It’s been 4 years into recruiting for our Human Resource department and although I am cognizant of the various and miscellaneous ways to improve my contribution to our HR operations, I’m always learning. My knowledge in HR is something I have cultivated over years of experience and it had little to do with my formal education. Over the years, I’ve tried to imagine and implement what the perfect Human Resource Department looks like.

So what goes into an amazing Human Resource Department?

Human Resources has become the most vital resource of any professional enterprise. Be it engineering, agriculture, education, or defense – Human Resources play a key role. It is the most generic yet most profound part of operations in any given organization.

An organization’s foundation lies in the people who unite to achieve a customary target or ambition, which is growth. And this is only possible when you have the right team of people whose individual aspirations and goals match those of the organization.

Most HR people are not in it for the money. In a world of digitalization, where almost everything is automated with the right software, you need savvy HR folks who can vet candidates and take full advantage of software without looking for bonuses every few months.

When we recruit for ourselves and other organizations, we follow this process:

  1. Identifying the business need
  2. Understanding the talent requirement
  3. Requirement assessments
  4. Portraying the organization’s image correctly
  5. Select the right candidate
  6. Pay structure and payments
  7. Training – Regular and Meaningful
  8. Assessment and Employee Revision
  9. Employee Satisfaction Survey
  10. Retirement Plans
  11. Termination Process and Documentation

HR isn’t merely ensuring that these steps are followed. There is a lot more to it. This gives you a rough outline of just some of the tasks internal recruiters perform.

Retention drives recruiting

The most crucial part of recruitment is retention. And that’s only possible when we understand the needs, the mentality, and the frame of mind of the employee when he walks in and starts work. In Human Resource Human Resource Department. HR has grown beyond administrative and recruitment work. It has realized that it needs to have a deeper connection or involvement in creating an employee-friendly environment. Satisfaction or enhancement of an employee has historically never mattered much, at least not at the expense of the company’s profits and growth. It was more of a “hire and fire” game.

When employees were happy with the work culture and an organization has a systemized, transparent, and smooth operation, they performed better which eventually reflected in the company’s growth.

The organization can work on business and training modules, policies, and activities that will ensure a 360-degree development of the employee.

Hence we need to strive to cultivate more ideals and practices in the enhancement and betterment of employee well-being within any given company’s capacity, benefiting both employee and employer.


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