The Best Benefits of Sage Cloud Hosting (2021)

The Best Benefits of Sage Cloud Hosting (2021)

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Sage Cloud Hosting:

Sage cloud hosting, as opposed to an on-premise deployment, is destined to gain a larger market share as more companies transition their business operations to cloud-based offerings. At tCognition, we prefer hosting Sage ERP products on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our clients. Here we focus on deploying Sage X3 in the cloud, but it is possible to host Sage 100 ERP, 300 ERP, and 500 ERP on the cloud as well.

Some of the main considerations that lead companies to have sage cloud hosting are security improvements, speed to deployment, and overall cost savings. Sage and AWS are making strides together as partners, and there is more attention to detail than ever before in regards to hosting Sage cloud hosting and hybrid environment. With AWS, it is possible to hold many different compliances while still hosting Sage ERP products in a cloud environment.

Maintaining Compliance While Hosting Sage ERP in a Cloud Environment:

Hosting Sage X3 in The Cloud 1

It is important to recognize that both Sage and AWS are separately responsible for their own set of compliances. Amazon Web Services are some of the world’s fastest, most secure servers – the servers are literally under watch by armed guards 24/7. Because of this and many other reasons, it is indeed possible to pursue Sage cloud hosting while maintaining compliances (such as HIPAA). That being said, your Sage Partner and yourself still need to make sure sensitive data is not being shared where it isn’t supposed to be – which could leave you out of compliance.

Benefits of Sage Cloud Hosting:

  • Security

AWS is one of the most secure places to host your Sage ERP instance. They pass strict regulatory standards, have extra security tools, and focus on the confidentiality of the customer’s data. Amazon’s cloud is so secure that even the most data-sensitive companies, such as NASA, rely on it to power cloud operations

  • Speed Improvements – Deployment and Runtime

Cloud servers are faster for Sage in two ways: they tend to have faster deployment times and also the products themselves run faster than in most on-premise environments. Again with the NASA example, they report speed improvements of up to 4x using AWS over their internal servers in some cases.

When we talk about the deployment of Sage products like Sage X3, the cloud can cut deployment times in half (to just 2-3 months) wherein on-site it could take 4-6 months to deploy the same ERP product.

  • Simpler IT department

Hosting Sage in the cloud allows your IT department to downsize. Downsizing IT lowers your cost (especially on human capital), and allows you to focus more from a managerial standpoint on doing what your business is good at.

  • Compliance

Every country has different laws and every company needs to adapt and follow them, this is why is so important for your cloud service to maintain compliance in every part of the world where the company resides. With AWS the data will reside where the company decides and it will not be moved unless the company authorizes it.

Hosting Sage in The Cloud*based on $287.50 / per user / per month cost of Sage X3
  • Sage cloud hosting: Cost Saving

The total cost of Sage cloud hosting includes the base cost of the software (in this case, Sage X3), the modules you want or need, the number of users, and the cost of an Amazon Cloud subscription. The best part about the cloud is, you only pay for the data you use. You do not have to overcompensate and pay for more server space than you need.

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