Comparing Oracle Siebel CRM vs Salesforce (2021)

Comparing Oracle Siebel CRM vs Salesforce (2021)

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Oracle purchased Siebel in 2005, and has been facing off against Salesforce as it’s marquee CRM product ever since. Both platforms provide exceptional enterprise-level capabilities, but we want to focus on comparing the differences between Siebel CRM vs. Salesforce.


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1. Siebel CRM vs Salesforce

It’s not a secret that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff have beef with one another. Their products have become a mini-manifestation of this classic versus matchup. Facing a growing crowded market versus Salesforce, Siebel has adapted their offerings to include Oracle Siebel On-demand, a cloud product with equal stability to their on-premise offering.

2. Market Positioning

Salesforce has always been a cloud-only product, and they position themselves as being able to scale and morph their cloud to fit any product. It is impressive how Salesforce was actually able to push Oracle to their limit to create such a product as Oracle On-demand, but Siebel CRM needed to accommodate the burgeoning cloud market.

3. Oracle On-Demand vs. Salesforce

Oracle Siebel On-Demand promises ultimate scalability within a cloud platform and so far has delivered versus Salesforce. Few doubted that Oracle lacked the resources to create a comparable cloud product to Salesforce.

4. Siebel CRM vs. Salesforce1 Workflow Comparison

Oracle Siebel CRM – Siebel has a full, process-oriented workflow engine built right into the platform. It is not ‘easy’ to use, and programming knowledge is required. That being said, Siebel possesses perhaps the most robust business process engine of any given CRM. Workflows in Siebel are built using standard BPM notation.

Salesforce – Since Salesforce launched Salesforce1, it has really revolutionized how workflows are perceived as a CRM buzzword. Salesforce1 makes it very easy to create drag-and-drop, customizable workflows within the product. Although very easy to use, they are not quite as robust as Siebel’s workflow tools.

5. Download the full PDF guide of Siebel vs. Salesforce


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