CRM Consulting – Agero (CRM)

Project Detail

Client Profile

Agero takes a holistic approach to the safety and security of passenger and vehicle. Over 100 leading corporations trust Agero to strengthen their business and provide automotive related services.

The Challenge

Implementing Dynamics CRM to improve Agero’s customer care centers’ operational efficiencies, as well as integrating it with existing business software and technologies.

Our Tools

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Message Queuing (MSMQ)
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • ASP.NET 4.0
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server


Agero Logo

Discovering Agero

Agero, Inc has provided the safest and smartest solutions in the automotive industry for the last 40 years. Through their advanced mobile technologies, customized solutions and actionable insights through data they have been able to secure over 75 million drivers on the road. Over 75% of all new vehicles in the United States are affected by Agero’s solutions. Their Roadside Assistance network has solved a countless amount of customer cases and provided assurance to drivers in need.

What Agero Needed

With 75 million drivers being assisted by Agero, there was a massive need to improve the operational efficiency of their call and customer care centers. Their in-house systems were not capable of keeping up with their expansion and growth. They needed a CRM system that could automate their most fundamental workflow, the assignment of activity calls and cases to agents. At the time, they needed to manually assign every case and call through a supervisor.

They also needed a CRM that could integrate with their existing business technologies and whose functionality and data transfer would be seamless with their current Microsoft Office products.

Our Solution

After consulting with Agero, we realized that a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment would be the best option for their needs. Beyond the deep integration options and quick deployment, Dynamics offered an accelerated learning curve so that the end-users could understand and adapt to the new system as quickly as possible.

Agero implemented automatic case assignment that originated from the Dashboard or Gateway, and a Data Call Activity Queue to utilize the data pop feature of Dynamics CRM.

It took us less than 6 months to implement Dynamics CRM in Agero’s customer care center and it was deployed to over 300 users who process nearly half a million customers calls and cases per month.

Quantifiable Results

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has improved KPIs in customer call centers including reductions in average handling time, a higher call process ratio for agents and an increase in first-call resolutions. We were able to deeply integrate the CRM with Agero’s existing technology, which resulted in the ability to aggregate customer data into a Data Warehouse for reporting purposes. Additionally, the Interactive Voice Response and Computer Telephony Interface systems at the core of the call center environment were integrated into the CRM, increasing operational efficiency.

The 360-degree view of customer data resulted in many more tangible results, including:

Reductions in Average Handling Time: Dynamics CRM enabled Agero’s customer care agents to process and resolve cases faster due to simplified case assignments, streamlined escalations and improved knowledge sharing as a result of Data Pop management.

Reduction in Cycle Time: Dynamics CRM enabled a greater internal collaboration between its agents and call centers which has improved work state management and resulted in reduced case cycle times.

Eliminated Manual Processes: With the successful automation of Case Assignment and Data Call Activity Queues, the workflow inefficiency of manually entering cases and agents has been eliminated.

Rapid Response: With Dynamics CRM, Agero’s agents now resolve 94% of customers’ issues on their first call. This results in more satisfaction amongst customers and reduced operational costs.

tCognition is proud to have helped Agero in the areas of productivity and efficiency, all the with the goal of assisting Agero’s wide customer base in issues of security and safety.